BV206 Hägglunds tracked all-terrain vehicles sales, parts and maintenance.

All-terrain vehicles rent

For rent: tracked articulated, all-terrain carriers/vehicles Hägglunds BV206, ARGO, all-terrain specialty vehicles with low pressure tires.

For rent: carrier with drill fixture BBY-001 Opyonok (ББУ-001 ОПЕНОК). Renting out snow/swamp specialty vehicles with a crew provided.

Working nationwide - anywhere in Russia!  People and freight transport up to 3 tons (6600 lbs) with snow/swamp specialty vehicles in hard to reach and remote areas. 

All-terrain vehicles sales

Hägglunds BV206 sales and other all terrain vehicles.

Spare parts

Wide assortiment of all terrain vehicles parts in stock and to order.  Short lead time for parts order.

International suppliers chain and warehouses located worldwide.

Maintenance procedures 

Team of highly skilled mechanics is ready to perform necessary maintenance scheduled tasks.

Upgrades and modifications

We have an extensive experience in upgrades and modifications that meet our customers needs.

We have Research & Development Department for all-terrain and tracked vehicles. 

Additional services.

Logistics - worldwide.

Vehicles export to Russia with all necessary customs paperwork.