Arctic Way was founded in 2010 with the following goals: selling and servicing specialty vehicles and snow/swamp carriers, renting out these vehicles, logistics and freight delivery in hard-to-reach and remote areas of Extreme North.

Our company is one the four ones in Russia that is an official importer for Norwegian made tracked articulated, all-terrain carrier Hägglunds BV206.  Also our company provides parts and services for this vehicle and performs carriers modifications.

In 2012-2015 our carriers ware employed in laying fiber-optic communication lines in Arkhangelsk region. Technical inspections/investigations were carried out for Enterprises of the Main Power Networks (EMPN) North-West division of 220-330 kV (kilo-volt) high-voltage transmission lines in Karelia, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions. We have work experience in the following regions: Tyumen Region, Leningrad Region, Pskov Region, Chuvash Republic, mountains of Karachayevo-Cherkessian Republic. 

Group of Arctic Way comapanies owns 5 tracked articulated, all-terrain carriers, 2 wheeled all-terrain vehicles, 3 utility snowmobiles and a freight truck. 

The company has an overhaul and reconstruction depot/shop located in a convenient area of Okhruzhnoe Shosse (city of Arkhangelsk).  Total depot/shop area is 500 sq. meters (5382 sq.feet) with painting chamber and highly skilled personnel. 

Our mobile repair crew is able to offer emergency repairs in the field and recovery/pick-up of all-terrain vehicles.

Our customers and clientele are Russia's nationwide from Saint-Petersburg to Kamchatka Region including business tenants, firms and companies and sole proprietorships in fuel and energy complex, construction-engineering and exploring fields including Federal Grid Company (FGC UES) divisions.

We are working as dependable and trusty partner during the entire rent period of our all terrain vehicles that allows our customers to be worry free and allow them to have a smooth and trouble-free transport support of their projects and production; thus, allowing our customers to use freed up resources more effectively.

In 2016 Arctic Way had opened it's first foreign branch office in the USA.